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Jimmy Choo Shoes

Apr 26

Jimmy Choo heelsThese Jimmy Choo nude heels are gorgeous! And would be perfect for any party, the only thing that’s not perfect is the price. At a whopping £550, these shoes are easily the most expensive shoes I’ve seen before. I don’t think anyone would spend this much on a pair of shoes, maybe a celebrity or a rich shoe collector. I understand that Jimmy Choo is a well known make, but why are they this price? Is it the quality? The style? The brand? Many people wonder why… I think that it’s because people are inspired by the celebrities and models who wear Jimmy Choo. So much so that a few years ago, a couple from Durham set up camp in the street over night, on hearing that a Jimmy Choo shoe range was coming to their local high street shop H&M. Crazy I know! A few others took a flight to London just to go and buy these extravagant Jimmy Choo shoes. And many queued for hours on end for a pair. As a lover of fashion myself, I’d only dream of having a real pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, but would never go to the extremes of spending more than £100 on a pair, but a girl can dream!