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Grease – the musical

Mar 30

Grease logo

We’re doing a Grease production at school in July some time. I am so nervous! I’m playing the part of Sandy, and as soon as I found out that I got the part I was soooooo happy! We have a 2 hour practice every Wednesday afternoon and have nearly blocked all the scenes, but none of us have learnt our lines! I am so excited but worried because there’s going to be 100 people or more, I better get practising!

Adele- Rolling in the deep

Mar 29

Roefield leisure centre

Mar 28

Roefield leisure centreI try to go to the gym every other day at least, I have to burn off all that chocolate somehow! Roefield is a leisure centre in Clitheroe and has it’s own kids gym that I go to, it’s great, you can keep fit but in a fun way, They do an activity afternoon called ‘Time out’ where you can rock climb, go into the gym, dance and loads of other cool stuff! I’m trying to get more kids to go, If you’d like to join go to the Roefield website or, comment on this blog.

Marc Jacobs Daisy

Mar 28

Daisy Marc Jacobs

This perfume is definitely going on my Birthday List this year! It won best fragrance of the year in 2008, and has a wild strawberry and jasmine smell to it, it’s quite expensive but is definitely worth the price!

Hooded denim jacket

Mar 28

Hooded denim jacket

This hooded denim jacket would be perfect for going to the cinema or on a day out shopping, and is just £19.99 from New Look! It would go well with leggings and some white pumps maybe, please comment and give me your opinion.

New Look high waist shorts

Mar 27

High waist shorts

These stripy high waist shorts would go perfectly with some gold gladiator sandals or an over the shoulder bag for the summer, and are only £13.99 fom New Look! That sounds like a bargain price to me.

Stage class theatre group

Mar 26


The grandEvery Saturday morning I attend stage classes at  The Grand , I do 3 hours (9-12am) of singing, acting and dancing. Ever since I’ve been going I’ve boosted my confidence to sing solo on stage. We currently have a show (glee) on the second of April. I’m playing the part of a geek!


Gorgeous New Look top!

Mar 25

New Look flow topThis Floaty Cape top is only £11.99 from New Look , sounds good to me!

Avril Lavine – What the Hell

Mar 25

Favourite perfume – Beyonce Heat

Mar 25

Beyonce Heat

One of my favourite Christmas presents was definitely Beyonce Heat. I bought it from Lacosmetique