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ASOS- Online Fashion Store

Apr 26

asosAsos is a brilliant site to buy the all the latest fashions from. It’s perfect if you need a nice new handbag to fit all your daily essentials in, or a nice dress for a fancy occasion. Asos have tons of things to choose from: Bags, accessories, dresses, jackets, everything basically! Right now they have a Mid Season Sale of up to 70% off! Which is amazing considering the quality of the clothes. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something that is up to date with the latest trends!

Example: Concert

Apr 24

exampleFor all you Example lovers out there! Example are doing a concert at London’s O2 Arena on Friday 27th April. I’d hurry though, those tickets wont last long!! Book tickets now

Latest Fashions- Aztec Prints + Dip-dye

Apr 24


Aztec Prints…

Dip-dyeDip-Dye Fashions…

My love of Crime Dramas

Apr 23

CriminalmindsI’ve started watching alot of crime dramas, one of them being ‘Criminal Minds’. I actually have an obsession with it. It’s a television series about a team that work in a ‘behavour analysis unit’, who solve murders and find the person who is responsible, who they call an ‘un-sub’, which stands for unknown-subject. It’s such an amazing programme, and will have you on the edge of your seat everytime. Criminal Minds is on every Friday or Saturday at 9:00 pm on Sky Living, so be sure to check it out!

David Guetta- Titanium

Apr 13

My Favourite Style Of Music

Apr 13

I love my pop music. You know…Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, but I much prefer the ‘indie styled’ music. A latest example of this, is a song by Gotye called  ‘Somebody I used to know’. This is such a good song, with a wierd but catchy tune, and is definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment. Mumford & Sons is more of a well-known band in this genre of music, and a couple of their songs have been in the top 40 music charts. Have a listen!

Rainbow Jeans!

Apr 13

Bright jeansQuite recently I’ve been seeing alot of people wearing vibrant, bright coloured jeans. Pink, red, blue, green, orange, yellow! I never knew you could get so many colours of jeans, I used to think that you could only get the boring greys or blacks. I just love this new fashion, so I bought a really lovely pair of violet/blue coloured jeans from River Island, (Take a look)! Not only do they make you look colourful and stylish, they are really easy to style. I’d recommend wearing a simple, light coloured top, a chunky cardigan and some military styled boots with these jeans. Practical for both summer and winter, these are a perfect buy, you just can’t go wrong with them!

Kate’s got a spring in her step!

Apr 11

KateKate Middleton and her new springer spaniel puppy: Lupo!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Apr 11

Big OneIt’s almost summer now, and it’s the perfect time to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. For an action-packed day out, and many thrilling and exciting rides to choose from it’s definitely the place to go! It features the tallest roller coaster in the United Kingdom: ‘The Big One’ and a spiralling, speedy ride called: ‘Infusion’.

With many on-site restaurants such as ‘Burger King’ and a few ‘snack shacks’ offering Chinese cuisine, Fish & Chips, and freshly made douhgnuts, you won’t go hungry.

They are now offering ‘Platinum passes’, which allow you to have all-round access all year to the Pleasure Beach free of charge. Of course these aren’t cheap, because a wristband allowing you one day in the Pleasure Beach is £27, so these passes are priced at £150-£250, which is pretty good considering you get unlimited visits to the theme park.

I had an absolutely fantastic time, and I’m sure you will. I definitely recommend this for a day out during the summer holidays!