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River Island- Cream belted skirt

Aug 27



Love Love Love!


Aug 16

Lush bath bombsLush is by far one of my favourite shops. As soon as you walk past Lush, this heavenly smell just hits you! And no wonder it’s heavenly, all these gorgeous fruity and sweet bath treats are on show in the shop, for you to test and try out for yourself. They’re constantly bringing out new products like shower jellies, beauty products, mud face masks, hair products, bath melts and of course Lush’s famous bath bombs which as soon as you drop in your bath, fizz away, creating a beautiful smell not just in your bathroom but through your entire house! If like me, you love your baths, you seriously need to visit one of Lush’s many shops!


May 04

twitterI love twitter! I can’t stop tweeting!! Haha, my website links to my twitter page on the right so check it out!

ASOS- Online Fashion Store

Apr 26

asosAsos is a brilliant site to buy the all the latest fashions from. It’s perfect if you need a nice new handbag to fit all your daily essentials in, or a nice dress for a fancy occasion. Asos have tons of things to choose from: Bags, accessories, dresses, jackets, everything basically! Right now they have a Mid Season Sale of up to 70% off! Which is amazing considering the quality of the clothes. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something that is up to date with the latest trends!

Latest Fashions- Aztec Prints + Dip-dye

Apr 24


Aztec Prints…

Dip-dyeDip-Dye Fashions…

Rainbow Jeans!

Apr 13

Bright jeansQuite recently I’ve been seeing alot of people wearing vibrant, bright coloured jeans. Pink, red, blue, green, orange, yellow! I never knew you could get so many colours of jeans, I used to think that you could only get the boring greys or blacks. I just love this new fashion, so I bought a really lovely pair of violet/blue coloured jeans from River Island, (Take a look)! Not only do they make you look colourful and stylish, they are really easy to style. I’d recommend wearing a simple, light coloured top, a chunky cardigan and some military styled boots with these jeans. Practical for both summer and winter, these are a perfect buy, you just can’t go wrong with them!

River Island – Sale

Jan 08

River Island have an amazing sale on at the moment! And the majority of the sale items have been reduced by 50% or more! All of the clothes and accessories are more for your winter wardrobe, like wooly scarves, warm coats and fluffy socks, but there are still a few items that you could wear in the spring or even save for the summer! Everything is so nice, you wouldn’t expect them to be in a sale! But this sale is going to last forever, so hurry to River Island!


Dec 18

UpUp, is an animated film, and is one of those films that you could watch over and over and over again, and not even get bored of it. Its storyline is so sweet, and is infused with a humorous side as well. In this film, an old man, Mr Fredrickson, and his wife Ellie, were both lovers of adventure in their childhood, and they had a wish to move to ‘Paradise Falls’, a tropical country. The two grow old together, but they never got the chance to fulfill their wish of being well known explorers. An unfortunate and unexpected event happened, when Ellie passes away due to her old age, Mr Fredrickson is then greeted by a young boy from cubs, which is an explorers club. The two then travel to Paradise falls and experience many exciting thrills and adventures, and the rest, well that would be telling…

New Benefit Perfume: Bella

Aug 05

Benefit Perfume Bella

Bella, is the new, sweet smelling dream from Benefit. It is one of those perfumes, that you can’t get enough of. I haven’t got this perfume yet, but every time I go to the Benefit Counter, I always drown my clothes in it ! What I love about every perfume that Benefit bring out, is that the box is a house, and you can collect all of them and have a street of perfumes. It’s little things like this, that make a brilliant perfume.


Benefit Cosmetics

Aug 04

Benefit Cosmetics

I am in love with Benefit Cosmetics ! Yes, there are many other make-up brands, but they’re all so boring ! Benefit is different because it’s fun ! Because I’m only young, I don’t wear heavy make-up like mascara or foundation, but Benefit have many products that are light weight and easy to use. It has a huge range of colorfully packaged, good quality make-up, including its own perfume collection ! My birthday isn’t far away, so I’m definitely going to ask for some Benefit perfume !