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Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight

Dec 28

Alien by Thierry Mugler

Dec 28

Thierry Mugler- Alien

Alien, is the latest fragrance released by Thierry Mugler, and it smells divine. Its extravagant bottle is so unusual, it gives it that weird attraction. My sister got this perfume for Christmas, and loves it already. It has a rich and floral flavor, with a sour infusion, it truly is out of this world.


Dec 18

UpUp, is an animated film, and is one of those films that you could watch over and over and over again, and not even get bored of it. Its storyline is so sweet, and is infused with a humorous side as well. In this film, an old man, Mr Fredrickson, and his wife Ellie, were both lovers of adventure in their childhood, and they had a wish to move to ‘Paradise Falls’, a tropical country. The two grow old together, but they never got the chance to fulfill their wish of being well known explorers. An unfortunate and unexpected event happened, when Ellie passes away due to her old age, Mr Fredrickson is then greeted by a young boy from cubs, which is an explorers club. The two then travel to Paradise falls and experience many exciting thrills and adventures, and the rest, well that would be telling…