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Barbecue poem

Apr 22

BarbecueCrackle, snap, pop and hiss,
The sounds of this barbecue you cannot miss!
The roaring bacon is being flipped,
Whilst fizzy cola is being sipped.
The smell of smoke wafts in the sky,
Kids helping themselves, they’re certainly not shy.
Sizzling sausages spit and roast,
How I’d love mine on warm buttery toast.
Kids running round, all over the grass,
I’m surprised I haven’t heard any plates smash!
Dads all chatting, slurping their beers,
Children singing loudly, so their mums and dads hear.
This barbecue has definitely gone very fast,
And that’s probably because I’ve had such a blast!

Schoolgirl Poem

Apr 11

CherriesThere was a schoolgirl, Lola, loud and wacky,
Who always applied her cherry lip smackey.
At the age of just ten she was a petite girl,
And had a cool boyfriend whose name was Earl.
Her curly locks were gold and smooth,
And her mum owned a tanning booth.
Always looking orange, her socks were stained,
Getting told off for this by her dad Wayne.
She climbed trees and went out of bounds,
And had a gang, they were always round.
Her white teeth that sparkled when she smiled,
She’d grown up a bit unlike a child.




Tights poem

Apr 09

Sparkly, stripey, spotty Floral tightstoo,
Pink ones, green ones, red and blue.
Small ones, long ones, glossy to,
Any occasion they look good on you.
see-through, plain, neon yellow,
They could even look good on a fellow!
Smooth and shiny as well as bright,
Any day I’d wear tights.
Your favourite pink ones that make you drool,
Even plain black ones to go to school.
Available at John Lewis, Boots and more,
You can practically buy them in any store!