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Jimmy Choo Shoes

Apr 26

Jimmy Choo heelsThese Jimmy Choo nude heels are gorgeous! And would be perfect for any party, the only thing that’s not perfect is the price. At a whopping £550, these shoes are easily the most expensive shoes I’ve seen before. I don’t think anyone would spend this much on a pair of shoes, maybe a celebrity or a rich shoe collector. I understand that Jimmy Choo is a well known make, but why are they this price? Is it the quality? The style? The brand? Many people wonder why… I think that it’s because people are inspired by the celebrities and models who wear Jimmy Choo. So much so that a few years ago, a couple from Durham set up camp in the street over night, on hearing that a Jimmy Choo shoe range was coming to their local high street shop H&M. Crazy I know! A few others took a flight to London just to go and buy these extravagant Jimmy Choo shoes. And many queued for hours on end for a pair. As a lover of fashion myself, I’d only dream of having a real pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, but would never go to the extremes of spending more than £100 on a pair, but a girl can dream!

Barbecue poem

Apr 22

BarbecueCrackle, snap, pop and hiss,
The sounds of this barbecue you cannot miss!
The roaring bacon is being flipped,
Whilst fizzy cola is being sipped.
The smell of smoke wafts in the sky,
Kids helping themselves, they’re certainly not shy.
Sizzling sausages spit and roast,
How I’d love mine on warm buttery toast.
Kids running round, all over the grass,
I’m surprised I haven’t heard any plates smash!
Dads all chatting, slurping their beers,
Children singing loudly, so their mums and dads hear.
This barbecue has definitely gone very fast,
And that’s probably because I’ve had such a blast!

Pixie Lott – Use somebody

Apr 13

Schoolgirl Poem

Apr 11

CherriesThere was a schoolgirl, Lola, loud and wacky,
Who always applied her cherry lip smackey.
At the age of just ten she was a petite girl,
And had a cool boyfriend whose name was Earl.
Her curly locks were gold and smooth,
And her mum owned a tanning booth.
Always looking orange, her socks were stained,
Getting told off for this by her dad Wayne.
She climbed trees and went out of bounds,
And had a gang, they were always round.
Her white teeth that sparkled when she smiled,
She’d grown up a bit unlike a child.




Tights poem

Apr 09

Sparkly, stripey, spotty Floral tightstoo,
Pink ones, green ones, red and blue.
Small ones, long ones, glossy to,
Any occasion they look good on you.
see-through, plain, neon yellow,
They could even look good on a fellow!
Smooth and shiny as well as bright,
Any day I’d wear tights.
Your favourite pink ones that make you drool,
Even plain black ones to go to school.
Available at John Lewis, Boots and more,
You can practically buy them in any store!

River Island Sale

Apr 07

Floral skorts

River Island has the best sale on at the minute. They have new children’s clothes in, and they are gorgeous! Take these skorts (shorts + skirt) for example, these would be perfect for any occasion whether it’s to the cinema or to a barbecue, and would go perfectly with a white vest top and some black gladiator sandals, and are only £12.99!

Katy Perry concert

Apr 05

Katy Perry

OMG! I really want to go to see Katy Perry in concert! She is probably one of my favourite girl singers. My all time favourite song of hers is Teenage Dream! These tickets are definitely at the top of my birthday list this year !!  It’s on the 14th of October at the 02 arena in London. You can find the price of the tickets on line.

Paul’s Boutique bag

Apr 04

Paul's boutique bag

I love this Paul’s boutique bag ! It would go perfectly with a scarf and leggings. Yeah, sure it’s quite expensive at £61.00, but would be a good thing to put on your Christmas list this year! There’s a lot of new bags on the website so take a look!

New Look

Apr 03

New Look

I love New Look! The clothes are always up to date with the latest fashions and styles and it’s definitely one of  my favourite shops. The other day I saw this hooded denim jacket, I did a post about it last week, next time I go to New Look that will be the first thing I buy. I’d wear it with some black leggings and white pumps.

Strawberry shirred dress

Apr 02

New Look summer dress

I am loving this summery dress! It’s £15.99 from New Look! And would be the perfect dress to wear on a holiday at the beach and is definitely getting me in a summer mood! I’d recommend this with a brown ‘over the shoulder bag’.