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Planet of the Apes film

Aug 16

I recently went to see the new Planet of the Apes film. The film was a prequel which started out with the birth of an ape called Caesar. Caesar’s mum was treated with a drug which was intended to treat alzheimer’s disease, it made her super intelligent. Her genes were passed onto Caesar, from then on Caesar grew up learning even more from his surroundings and his adopted human parent who ran the drug research lab. Caesar went on to lead the rest of the apes and the rest would be telling!!!!! The effects were out of this world and Caesar’s facial expressions were incredible.

I’d rate this film amongst my all time favourites such as Avatar, Slumdog Millionaire, Taken, Matilda and Charlie & the chocolate factory. I hope you take my advice and watch this film, you will not regret it!

New Benefit Perfume: Bella

Aug 05

Benefit Perfume Bella

Bella, is the new, sweet smelling dream from Benefit. It is one of those perfumes, that you can’t get enough of. I haven’t got this perfume yet, but every time I go to the Benefit Counter, I always drown my clothes in it ! What I love about every perfume that Benefit bring out, is that the box is a house, and you can collect all of them and have a street of perfumes. It’s little things like this, that make a brilliant perfume.


Benefit Cosmetics

Aug 04

Benefit Cosmetics

I am in love with Benefit Cosmetics ! Yes, there are many other make-up brands, but they’re all so boring ! Benefit is different because it’s fun ! Because I’m only young, I don’t wear heavy make-up like mascara or foundation, but Benefit have many products that are light weight and easy to use. It has a huge range of colorfully packaged, good quality make-up, including its own perfume collection ! My birthday isn’t far away, so I’m definitely going to ask for some Benefit perfume !

I’ve Just Added A Captcha Plug-in

Aug 04

Recently, I have been receiving looaaaaads and looaaaaads of spam comments that take me a while to delete, so I’ve installed a Captcha plug-in that basically doesn’t allow spam to be posted by computer systems, so this will now allow me to manage more posts by you, so, keep them coming !