Tights poem

Apr 09

Sparkly, stripey, spotty Floral tightstoo,
Pink ones, green ones, red and blue.
Small ones, long ones, glossy to,
Any occasion they look good on you.
see-through, plain, neon yellow,
They could even look good on a fellow!
Smooth and shiny as well as bright,
Any day I’d wear tights.
Your favourite pink ones that make you drool,
Even plain black ones to go to school.
Available at John Lewis, Boots and more,
You can practically buy them in any store!

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4 Responses to “Tights poem”

  1. Tori xxx says:

    Loving the poem Issey
    who wrote that! Xxxxxxx

  2. Tori xxx says:

    It is well good!
    Hope that you are having a great easter holiday Issey xxx

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