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Halloween 2011

Oct 27

pumpkinMonday 31st…Halloween. The one day of the year where it is perfectly normal to dress up in a scary costume, knock on someone’s door and say those famous words ‘trick or treat’. There are a lot of activities to do on Halloween, such as apple bobbing, ghost stories, parties, pumpkin carving, but the most common of them all, is definitely trick-or-treating.

I’ve been looking forward to Halloween for a while, and have put a lot of thought into what I am dressing up as this year. But after shopping around and seeing a black crown with a veil attached to it, I finally decided what to be… Frankenstein’s bride! I am so excited! What are you dressing up as?

Roefield Leisure Centre- Kids Gym

Oct 27

Roefield Leisure Centre is a great way for kids my age to exercise. This gym is based in Clitheroe and allows 11-15 year olds to get the exercise they need on a weekly basis. Roefield Leisure Centre’s kids gym is full of hi-tech machines imported from America. This includes: Treadmills, Rowing Machines, Cross trainers and a full selection of weights and much more. Basically everything you need to tone up and build  muscle. Roefield is a great way to make friends because there is always people in there with you. I’d definitely recommend this gym to anyone wanting to get active and have fun!

Costa Coffee Loyalty Card

Oct 20

Costa CoffeeLike any coffee lover, I love a trip to Costa Coffee. Their coffees are made of only natural ingredients and taste absolutely fantastic. I usually order a mocha coffee cooler. These come in plastic cups which allow you to take your drink away. As well as selling coffee, they also have a range of snacks and sandwiches which are  fairly cheap and are worth every penny. Costa have recently produced a loyalty card. This card would allow you to collect points with every purchase. Just simply pick this card up at the counter (it’s totally free!) and register it online for your free 100 points. Every point is worth a penny. On my card I have 230 points, which adds up to £2.30 This would easily pay for a drink and a cake on a day out. I would definitely recommend  Costa Coffee.