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Mar 26


The grandEvery Saturday morning I attend stage classes at  The Grand , I do 3 hours (9-12am) of singing, acting and dancing. Ever since I’ve been going I’ve boosted my confidence to sing solo on stage. We currently have a show (glee) on the second of April. I’m playing the part of a geek!


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13 Responses to “Stage class theatre group”

  1. Ellie Smith says:

    Sounds very cool :) how much are tickets :P the geeks rule (Y) xxx

  2. Issey says:

    Thanks for the comment Ellie :) I think tickets are about £4.00? But you get 2 free tickets ;) Yep! We do rule xx

  3. Victoria says:

    This is a great website Isobel i love it. Backstage pass is great the show is amazing though i am really scared that i will do something wrong!!! xxxxxxx

  4. beth fergie says:

    hey Victoria isnt this the cutest website ever!!! issey i still carnt belive your dad is a website designer so cool!!!!!!!how long have you had it???xxxxx

    • beth fergie says:

      i am not coming backstage pass again cause my mum says she is paying more than a hundred pound for me to complain about millie mcloud being straight in the middle and got all the parts anyway it is a good experiance!!!xxx

    • Issey says:

      haha :) Thankyou Beth ! I’ve had it for 2 or 3 days :) xxxxxx

  5. Ellie Smith says:

    But, I am the bestest Geek :L will miss you Beth! (: xxxxx

  6. Ellie Smith says:

    Hahaa, bring one on saturday :p I might not use it coz nobody else is using one :/ xxxxx

  7. Tori xxx says:

    Bethany I don’t want you to go. But you are right about Millie and the money xxx see you sometime xxx

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