Latest Fashions- Aztec Prints + Dip-dye

Apr 24


Aztec Prints…

Dip-dyeDip-Dye Fashions…

My love of Crime Dramas

Apr 23

CriminalmindsI’ve started watching alot of crime dramas, one of them being ‘Criminal Minds’. I actually have an obsession with it. It’s a television series about a team that work in a ‘behavour analysis unit’, who solve murders and find the person who is responsible, who they call an ‘un-sub’, which stands for unknown-subject. It’s such an amazing programme, and will have you on the edge of your seat everytime. Criminal Minds is on every Friday or Saturday at 9:00 pm on Sky Living, so be sure to check it out!

David Guetta- Titanium

Apr 13

My Favourite Style Of Music

Apr 13

I love my pop music. You know…Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, but I much prefer the ‘indie styled’ music. A latest example of this, is a song by Gotye called  ‘Somebody I used to know’. This is such a good song, with a wierd but catchy tune, and is definitely one of my favourite songs at the moment. Mumford & Sons is more of a well-known band in this genre of music, and a couple of their songs have been in the top 40 music charts. Have a listen!

Rainbow Jeans!

Apr 13

Bright jeansQuite recently I’ve been seeing alot of people wearing vibrant, bright coloured jeans. Pink, red, blue, green, orange, yellow! I never knew you could get so many colours of jeans, I used to think that you could only get the boring greys or blacks. I just love this new fashion, so I bought a really lovely pair of violet/blue coloured jeans from River Island, (Take a look)! Not only do they make you look colourful and stylish, they are really easy to style. I’d recommend wearing a simple, light coloured top, a chunky cardigan and some military styled boots with these jeans. Practical for both summer and winter, these are a perfect buy, you just can’t go wrong with them!

Kate’s got a spring in her step!

Apr 11

KateKate Middleton and her new springer spaniel puppy: Lupo!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Apr 11

Big OneIt’s almost summer now, and it’s the perfect time to go to Blackpool Pleasure Beach. For an action-packed day out, and many thrilling and exciting rides to choose from it’s definitely the place to go! It features the tallest roller coaster in the United Kingdom: ‘The Big One’ and a spiralling, speedy ride called: ‘Infusion’.

With many on-site restaurants such as ‘Burger King’ and a few ‘snack shacks’ offering Chinese cuisine, Fish & Chips, and freshly made douhgnuts, you won’t go hungry.

They are now offering ‘Platinum passes’, which allow you to have all-round access all year to the Pleasure Beach free of charge. Of course these aren’t cheap, because a wristband allowing you one day in the Pleasure Beach is £27, so these passes are priced at £150-£250, which is pretty good considering you get unlimited visits to the theme park.

I had an absolutely fantastic time, and I’m sure you will. I definitely recommend this for a day out during the summer holidays!

River Island – Sale

Jan 08

River Island have an amazing sale on at the moment! And the majority of the sale items have been reduced by 50% or more! All of the clothes and accessories are more for your winter wardrobe, like wooly scarves, warm coats and fluffy socks, but there are still a few items that you could wear in the spring or even save for the summer! Everything is so nice, you wouldn’t expect them to be in a sale! But this sale is going to last forever, so hurry to River Island!

The Bank Job

Jan 07

The Bank JobThe Bank Job is a fantastic new gameshow series on Channel 4, presented by the hilarious and outgoing, George Lamb. The aim of the game, is to accumalate big sums of money by choosing numbers from the vault wall, this money then goes into your case. When you think that you have enough money, you leave the vault and are then in the danger seat, this means that if any of your competetors mangage to bank more money than you, then you leave…and the rest, well that would be telling.

Olly Murs – Dance With Me Tonight

Dec 28